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Scientic Proofs for Reiki

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The Science of Reiki: Articles & Links

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Yale Teaches Reiki
Press Release Yale Nursing School Offers Reiki Courses Yale offers courses and lectures in complementarity medicine.
Faculty at Yale Find out about who spearheaded the energy medicine effort at Yale.

Measuring The Human Energy System
Electrophotographic Measures of the Fingertips Study measures qigong and the human biofield.
Study: Human Hands Emit Light "...research that suggested most living things, including plants, release light."
Photon emission from human hand Japanese study measures ultra-weak photon emissions from hands.
Kirlian photography Controversial or incontrovertible?
Science and The Human Energy Field James Oschman, Ph.D. interview from Reiki News Magazine offers a scientific look at Reiki and energy medicine.

Additional Studies and Topical Information:
Reiki and Nursing/Patient Stress Management
Reiki and Autonomic Nervous System Function
Reiki and Heart Rate Homeostasis
Reiki and Acute Coronary Syndrome
Reiki and Alzheimers Disease
Reiki and Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
Reiki and Depression
Reiki and Cancer-Related Fatigue