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About The Chakras

 Untitled Document The Seven Major Chakras
White Light Reiki - The Chakras govern our emotions.The word chakra is Sanskrit for "spinning wheel." Each chakra is believed to store some of our life-force. In Japanese life-force is called "Ki", the Sanscrit (Hindi) word for life-force is "Prana" and one of the Chinese words for it is "Chi." These terms are fairly interchangable, and it is the way we address the white light reiki life-force energy that flows through our bodies and connects us to the universe. In fact, the Japanese word "Rei-Ki" means universal ("Rei") life-force ("Ki").

Each energy center, or chakra has it's own particular area of life experience that it governs, and the health of our chakras gives us information aobut our emotional, physical and spritual health or vice versa. There are thousands of chakras all over the body, but the major seven run up and down the spine. There are many ways to rebalance the energy flow and stimulate or release stagnant energy. Manipulating the "Ki" or life-force through Reiki is just one way. Reiki is an energy modality and there isn't a lot of hard science to back it up, that said, as our scientic instrumentation becomes more sensitive, we will be able to quantify and refine what we know about Reiki. Until then, much of what we know about Chakras comes from the ancient Hindu texts called the Upanishads which talk about the manipulation of the chakras, universal spirit (Brahman) and the individual soul (Atman). To find out more about click each tab to reveal the properties of that chakra.
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