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Reiki Accreditation

Untitled Document Accreditation

White Light Reiki is a member of the International association of REIKI professionals | IARPJessica Fisher-Willson is a Registered Reiki Practitioner/Teacher (RMT) with the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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IARP and International Association of Reiki Professionals are registered trademarks and service marks duly licensed to International Association of Reiki Professionals LLC, and use of them is by permission of the licensee.

Reiki New England Find a Reiki Practitioner in your area FAST! Practitioners are listed by State and City. Excellent Reiki Resource.
More information from the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure.

Reiki Lineage & Training
The following is the lineage of Reiki from Dr. Mikao Usui through to Jessica Fisher-Willson. There is no recognised body that oversees Reiki training. All of the following people are master teachers. There is no one specific list of credentials or training requirements for Reiki practitioners. Students of Reiki must receive training from a Reiki teacher or Reiki master. Licensing requirements vary by location.

Dr, Mikao Usui late 1800s (1865 - 1925)
Mr. Chujiro Hayashi 1925 (1873 - 1941)
Mrs. Hawaya Takata 1935 (1900 - 1980)
Iris Ishikuro/Virginia Samdahl - 1979
Dr. Arthur Robertson 1983
(was attuned by Virginia Samdahl but also studied and shared with Iris Ishikuro)
Mr. James Davis
Laurie Grant - 1989
Marcia Reddington-Lawton, RN
Edward Record 1996
Catherine de Leon - 2001
Jessica Fisher Willson - March, 2003